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It is cold! What to wear if you are trying to run outside this winter.
February 25, 2014, 8:44 pm
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So after one running post I think I am an expert right!

Actually I have been asked this question a lot in the last couple of weeks. It’s freezing here in NYC, I mean cold, cold. I am from Ohio and think New Yorkers are kind of wimps about the cold, but seriously lately it is what I like to call Ohio cold. I made a resolution to train year round this year. Besides not wanting to lose all my fitness from the marathon. I’ve realized if there is ever a time when I need to exercise, it is the winter. The lack of sunlight and being in lock down with two kids all day doesn’t do wonders for my mental state so running is about survival in the winter months. Here is a little list of what I wear on really cold days. This is what I would usually wear when its 12 degrees and below. And one should note that when the weather says it is 10 degrees usually the weather reports that it can actually feels like negative something or other.

To make things easy I will start with what I wore today.

Time: About 7:00 am
Weather: According to it was about 21 degrees but it they also said that it feels like 12 degrees. Sunny.
Type of run:  3 mile, Easy run

Head + Neck:
Fleece, reflective winter hat and Marmot Fleece neck warmer:



Nike Hyperwarm II Compression running shirt +  Saucony Sonic Vizi vest:



Some kind of  glove (usually I just grab a pair of crappy ones, if it is really cold I wear two pairs of crappy ones)
Underarmour Coldgear Frosty Tights they’ve been discontinued but these are a good alternative:


Smartwool Running Socks

I have tried to provide a link to the products if they are still around and haven’t been discontinued. Usually if you do a search you can find a good alternative.  The most important items for me have been, the wool socks, a decent hat and the fleece neck warmer. I find that even if I go out a little underdressed these two items make the biggest difference.  I have on  occasion, layered another shirt on top the compression shirt, sometimes I regret it and sometimes it is fine. The only way to know what works for you and what doesn’t  is to keep running in all kinds of weather.


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was wondering what you do to run safely outside… ice might be hard to see. do you run on the sidewalks, park, or street?

Comment by jgadrin

Joy I usually run in the street (Which T hates) but it really the best overall option. The sidewalks are sometimes worst than the streets and I am pretty well lit (lots of reflective bits) so I can be seen. Ice can be a challenge but I slow way down in the winter it really is just about getting the miles in and getting the endorphins.

Comment by sfunk226

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